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Toxicity of Mouse Urine and How to Clean the Smell

As the cold weather started, the mouse tries to get into your house to find the shelter. Once they get into your home, they are going to eat food, cloth and they love to chew sofa stuff too. They love to play hide and seek and can make you mad throughout this process. They search for hidden places to live, so it is very difficult to find their shelter. The availability of a mouse into your house is an alarming point. 

Is the mouse dangerous? 
Yes, they are dangerous in a way when they things like food and bite them. You may also become a victim when they pee and poop into your house that can be dangerous and can cause many serious health issues. So it is better to red rid them of them as soon as possible.  The mouse can transmit the infection through his bites, saliva, and waste and especially through urine. They will make the area messy just to make their proper shelter; they are going to spread their waste all over the area. In the messy area, they are also going to spread a lot of dangerous diseases, and you can become a victim of those diseases directly or indirectly too: 

 – this virus can be transmitted into humans if they get in touch with the poop or the urine. As the poop of the mice gets dry, it turns into a dangerous virus, and when a person touches this dry waste or inhale within that area, there are chances he may become get affected with the virus. That virus can result in fever, chills, kidney disease, and breath diseases and even can lead to death. 

as, the mice, get into your kitchen; there is a possibility they are going to touch anything they want. They can bite any part of the food; while this process, mice are transmitting bacteria all over the kitchen, and his bites can impact the whole food. Due to mice bite and bacteria, a human can be diagnosed with one of the dangerous diseases Salmonella that is caused due to rat transmitted poisoning to the food. A human may feel diarrhea, fever, chills, and vomiting.

Lyme disease-
this disease transmits due to mice ticks.

Colorado Tick Fever-
this is one of the most dangerous diseases and can become the cause of death. This disease also transmits via tick.

How to remove mouse odor? 
The easy and best solution is to get rid of the mouse, when there will be no mouse in the home, there will be no smell, and you will not be at risk to get any dangerous disease.  Further suggestion to get rid of the smell is given below:

  • Open the window and doors while cleaning the place to get the fresh air. 
  • Use gloves and mask while removing the mice's waste.
  • Use detergent and water to remove the mice's odor.
  • You can also use water and bleach to wash the area that will help to get rid of the odor. 
  • In the end, wash your hand properly and dispose of the waste of the mouse. 

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