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Natural Mole Deterrents

Moles are insectivores that mean they eat insects. Moles do not eat plants, but they dig tunnels that can harm growing plants. Follow the given ways to naturally deter moles

Castor oil
Castor oil is a great repellent for moles. Castor oil-repellent comes in two forms liquid and granular from; both of them are effective. You can mix castor oil liquid in water and spray it near the affected areas. If you are using castor oil infused granules, you can spread these granules near the affected lawn and turn on the tape of water.

Ultrasonic mole repellents
Moles rely on their ears as they are almost blind. When you press ultrasonic's in the ground, they produce small vibration and ultrasounds, which irritates the moles, and they leave that place. Battery operated and solar ultrasonic are available in the market, you can use whatever fits you.

Reduce attractants
Moles love to live in a moist and loamy soil. They can easily dig and can get worms from such soil. If you make the soil of your yard less favorable, they will leave this place. Pack down lose soil by using a lawn roller, use clay or gravel to replace traditional soil. Improve the drainage system. It will make soil less moisture. Avoid overwatering your lawn.

Kitty litter
Using kitty urine or litter is the best natural way to get rid of moles. You can pour kitty litter directly into molehills. Urine odor will scare them that there are any predators, and they will leave your lawn.

Using garden Hose
This is not the very best method but can work as a temporary solution. Flooding can force them to leave your yard and flee to any other area. Stick a garden hose directly into the hole. Turn on the water and allow the water to run for 30 to 60 minutes.

Using live traps against moles is a good strategy. But before setting a trap to check the tunnels, set the trap near those tunnels which are active or which are raised within a day or two. Traps works well against moles.

Eliminate Food sources of moles
Moles feed on soil-dwelling insects. If you use some ways to finish these grubs, most of the food sources for moles will be ended, and they will leave that yard. But if your soil is healthy, moles can still find earthworms to eat.

Dig a 6 inches wide and 2 feet deep trench. You can use rocks to fill it, or you can cover its sides with wires; these barriers will stop the pest from invading your yard.

Water Sprinkles
There are motion-activated sprinkles available in the market these sprinkles are self-activated when some motion around them is made, this is a cheap and very reliable way to deter the moles. These water sprinkles can help you in watering your yard. You should use water sprinkles as a water-saving and less costly way to deter the moles.

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